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Nature Photographer Products

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New products available!

Kwik Camo Snow

Nice for winter shooting, designed to blend in with the 
snow and forest environment. $119.00 USD

Kwik Camo All Weather

If you are like me, and love shooting in the 
rain, here is your product for 
weather protection!  $159.00 USD


 Apex Mini Bean Bag 
with Tripod Head Support!

 $83.00 for black
 $87.00 for Camo.

The large flat top provides a highly stable surface for lens support
on its own, while alsoallowing the bag to be easily inverted for
use on a car hood or the ground.

The U shaped portion is covered in a high-tack material to
insure the bag stayswhere it is positioned. The U shape also provides
outstanding stabilization ofequipment when the
bag is inverted for hood or ground use.

The versatile strap design allows the bean bag to be
securely fastened to avehicle door handle, rail, beam, etc as well
as offering an easy means of carry.
The fill zipper is covered with a weather resistant flap,
logically positioned inan easy to fill location.

Designed and manufactured in the United States.
*Filler not included*


Apex (LP) Low Profile

Apex Low Profile (Black): $84.00
Apex Low Profile (Max-4): $89.00
Apex Low Profile (APG): $89.00

Here again is the general product description:

The Apex (LP) Low Profile is the essential bean bag for photographers who have smaller windows in their vehicle. We designed the Apex LP from the ground up to fit in nearly all small vehicle windows. Apex LP sits four inches lower than the original Apex and one inch lower than the Apex Mini. This was accomplished by redesigning the arch to lay flatter on the window frame which also led to increased stability. To further improve clearance, the height of the base has been reduced dramatically.


Apex Bean Bag

Apex Bean Bag: $129.00
Available in Black, Max 4, and All Purpose Green. (APG)

To insure maximum durability the bag is made of tightly woven heavy-duty nylon pack cloth, sewn with high strength polyester thread. The bag will not leak regardless of filler material used.

The unique design provides a stable platform for attaching your ballhead or gimbal head, allowing you to track, pan, auto-focus, without the problems typically associated with bean bag use.*Each Apex Bean Bag is provided with an aluminum plate that can be inserted into the top pocket of the bag for a tripod head. The aluminum plate can be removed when desired to use as a regular soft shell bean bag.*


Kwik Camo™

 Standard Kwik Camo: $119.00

The cover is designed to cover you, the camera and tripod. Your body is the framework that keeps the cover in place. A large camo window screen allows for adequate viewing, yet the birds (or any wildlife for that matter) can't see through it. The cover allows you to move your hands making adjustments with the camera and/or lens without spooking your subject.
Anyone wanting to view wildlife who would like to get closer without being seen, this is the product for you. If your into taking pictures, using binoculars (the camo screen can be opened for this purpose) or want to use a video camera. you will find this to be a very useful tool to add to your bag of tricks.

It's portable and lightweight so you can carry it with you where ever you go. As a photographer, I've spent many hours behind my camera using my Kwik Camo™ and I know it has given me more opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. The result... more pictures, more variety, which will give you a better choice of those so-called "great shots".


Medium Camo Pod Pad™

Pod Pad: $36.00

The Pod-Pad™ is designed to give shoulder comfort without interfering with the general use of the tripod. It is best fitted for larger tripods such as the Gitzo 1548 or the 1300 series which are commonly used with big heavy lenses. It’s very lightweight, easy to install, and comes in 1000D Cordura - Advantage Max4® pattern.
Hauling a tripod around with your camera attached is heavy and very uncomfortable on your shoulder! I think most photographers that use large lenses can attest to that.
Now there's a pad to protect your shoulder that is light weight and does not interfere with taking pictures.



Mono Pod Pad : $36.00

The Mono-Pad™ is designed to give shoulder comfort
without interfering with the general use of the monopod. It’s
very lightweight, easy to install, and comes in
black 1000D Cordura.


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