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........ Bengal Tiger Tour with Raymond

Royal Bengal Tiger Tour

Email me to book your group tour:

Below is a basic tour outline.  We can travel to the best
Tiger destination in India, please email me for details.

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Royal Bengal Tiger Tour Details

We stay 9 nights here, and visit India for 16 safaris.  Each day will
start with coffee and light snacks at 6 am, then the
 am early am safari, then return to the hotel for
breakfast at 10:30 am.

Then we enjoy a small hot lunch at 2 pm.
We trek back to a new trail for the afternoon  2:30 pm
safari, then return to the hotel at dusk.  Dinner at 7:30 pm
(2 safaris per day)

We are planning to have
no more then 2 photographers in each  8 passenger
 Gypsy, for traveling the park.  This gives everyone
lots of room for your photography gear.
Each photographer will have a full bench seat
which is sized for 3 people.

Each Gypsy is supported by 1 driver, and 1 guide,
they occupy the front 2 seats.
Each guide for each jeep is hand picked
by me.  This is one of the keys to our success.
A private  guide for all tours is a must.

Travel time from the hotel to the gate of the park
will be about 10 minutes.

We do not promise sightings on every game drive.
Having said that, right now, there is a good chance of 100% tiger
 sightings in June 2017, the areas that we visit have 
at least 14 Tigers.

  The roads and travel on these park
trails can be rough and bumpy.  Also, there is dust!  Please
be prepared to cover your photo gear
while traveling.  The dust is very intermittent,
usually it is only bad when we are following another vehicle.
(most of the time, we can control the distance
while we are following another safari truck to avoid the dust.)

On our last day, we will arrange for a 6 person taxi to
drive our group to the Jaipur International
 Airport for your trip home.

The timing for this tour was planned very carefully.
For a full explanation, and q+a, please call my cell:

Canada - 905-520-8853

More Details for Raymond's Tour

Our program is designed to make the best possible use of 
our time in India, working with a very reputable guide 
company.  I have hired 2 guides dedicated to our group.

We have created this itinerary with 
your comfort in mind, with the best possible 
accommodations,  drivers, guides, food, and logistics.

June weather would be very Hot.
About 90 - 115 degrees F for a high each day.

Our jeeps will be set up for 
2 photographers, one driver and one guide.

The fee for this program is $5,400.00 USD.

Each guest will be set up with a private room
for the entire tour.  If you are booking with 2 or more 
people, and prefer to room together, there is
a discount available. 
Each client is required to pay in full upon booking.

A maximum of 5 participants will be booked for this tour.

Guides, hotels, safaris will be reserved 3 
months in advance, so early registration is critical. 

Thanks for your visit!
Email me if you have any questions please!

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needed information...

My cell number - 905 520 8853

We offer Travel Insurance 
For your travel insurance and air quotes, Please contact me.


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