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Costa Rica with Raymond Barlow

The Colours of Costa Rica!

New dates are being prepared, based 
on group registration.
Please email me for more info. 

These are eight day tours of Central America's 
birding gem!  1st day arrival, last day departure, with
6 days of bird photography!  Custom tours are available!
Just email me to start preparing your tour.


My friends

Thanks to all of my guests, 18 tours now complete, and a lot 
of great experiences!  Please email me if you have a group of 
3 photographers or more, and we can plan a trip for you.

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Costa Rica Image Gallery

Costa Rica Tours

These tours are specifically designed for the
 intermediate / advanced bird photographer. We plan the 
itinerary to make you comfortable, and secure.  The locations 
we travel to are superb for hummingbirds, tanagers, and other 
various Central America birds.

For those who need help, I am there to assist!  For the advanced
 photographers, I am there to get you to the birds, and 
provide you with excellent opportunities.

Program / Itinerary

My tours involve day trips to some excellent locations
 for bird photography.  We travel in a large SUV, usually
 a Mitsubishi Montaro.  We stay at 2 main locations for
 accommodations. We will stay in this location
at the beginning and end of your tour.

Buena Vista Hotel

Our itinerary will take us to superb and private shooting 
locations.  Each day will be a new and exciting adventure.  

Resplendent Quetzal

Coffee Plantation

On our southern trip we visit a small village in the 
mountains.   We will spend 3 nights here on our tour, and
 this place is amazing!  We stay at a very small home style
 b+b, owned by Anna and Enrique, who own and operate a 
coffee plantation.  During this leg of the tour we will visit
 a private property for the superb Resplendent Quetzal, and another
 awesome shoot deck with the fiery-throated hummingbirds.

The coffee here is superb, the people are amazing!  This 
is also a fantastic cultural visit, as we stay and eat inside the
 home of my friends who farm the coffee.  The landscape
shooting is amazing, flowers, bugs, lizards, along
with all the birds.


We had some cool weather on our last tour, so be prepared 
with a warm sweater and hiking shoes, as we are quite high 
in the mountains.  Warm days and cool nights are the norm 
for our locations.  A good hat to protect yourself from the 
sun, sunscreen, and slacks - no shorts!

Please check your Costa Rica entry Visa requirements.  Each 
country has a different deal, so this is up to each guest to 
prepare.  For Canadians and Americans, there is no Visa 
requirement.  I recommend you bring 2 colour photo copies
 of your passport, place one is your camera gear bag, one in 
your check in luggage, then have the hotel put your
 passport in their safe.


Any focal length, camera is usable.  Most of my bird images 
are taken at 250 - 400mm on a full frame camera. We shoot 
small birds the size of warblers, to larger birds the size of 
red-tailed hawks.  A good focal length range would be of
 good value.  Lots of cards, memory, batteries, etc.

A solid  tripod and gimbal head is highly recommended.  Flash
 can be used in most locations.  I do not do multi-flash set-ups, 
for me the images just look too plastic.  A laptop is recommended...
 to transfer your images, and external hard drives for
 back up!  Wireless internet is available at most locations.


Most important, you need to let me know of any health issues, or 
food allergies. In Costa Rica, the food is healthy, and excellent.

Some places where we go, the food is all included, other places, 
we will go to restaurants for our lunch and dinners.


The fee for this tour is $3,700.00 US funds
3 guests are needed to maintain this rate.

Each client is required to pay in full -  USD
 to reserve their position.

Fee includes pick up and drop off at the airport, all 
accommodations, ground travel, park fees,  local 
taxes, and instructional services (if needed) from me! 

There is a $500.00 fee for a single supplement.

Air fare, airport fees, insurance, dinners, and extra personal 
expenses are not included.

My cell number - 905 520 8853

We do offer travel insurance, Please contact me.

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